Women’s Self Defense


For Women Ages 13 and up!

This special program covers both physical and nonphysical techniques to:

  • Help you identify and assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to increase your level of self-confidence.
  • Provide you with some simple, yet effective, techniques to help ensure your personal safety.

Our goal is to provide a program that includes proper techniques and tips for helping you survive, or better yet, avoid an attack.

Non-physical techniques include:

  • Creating a heightened sense of awareness to avoid a dangerous situation before it occurs
  • Understanding the mindset and agenda of an attacker
  • Displaying confidence in order to discourage the attacker
  • Setting boundaries to establish control
  • Using the power of your voice to establish control

Physical techniques include:

  • How to throw kicks, punches and strikes effectively
  • What to do if you are grabbed by an assailant
  • Grappling drills to help you react rather than think when in a dangerous situation

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