Vollyball Performance Training

Build your volleyball foundation, strength and performance for game day!

Program Information

Dates: January - May (5 month program)


  • Tuesday: 4PM - 6PM
  • Thursday: 4 PM- 5 PM
  • Saturday:
    • 9AM - 10AM: 16-3
    • 11AM - 12PM: 16-1, 16-2
    • 12 PM - 1 PM: 18-1, 18-2
    • 1PM - 2PM: 17-1, 17-2
    • 2PM - 3PM: 15-1, 15-2

Ages: 12-18 Players divided based on skills and abilities

Program Offers

  • Strength and weight training
  • Resistance and agility training
  • High-powered plyometrics
  • Skill development specific to volleyball
  • Drills to increase speed and reaction time
  • Training with state-of-the-art FITLIGHT™ system

Work with a certified USA Lifting and Strength Coach and a USAV Open Nationals Level Player to help build your volleyball performance


$50/month (SLAM Athletes only)

$200 for full session (5 months - January through May)

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