Teen Taekwondo

All parents know how difficult the teen years can be for your children. Teenagers by nature are rebellious at times. It is what I refer to as their “breaking out” period, a point in their lives where they are transitioning into autonomous adulthood.

Young adults are subjected to many challenges during this transitional period. Under proper instruction, martial arts can encourage leadership and becoming a role model to others. Teenagers are experiencing that internal drive to be in charge of their lives and take on their own responsibilities. This drive is natural and we all have lived it. Martial arts can reach teens and channel the right perception such as core values and the proper guidance to prepare them for life. They will learn to develop their “inner strength,” the ability to resist peer pressure that comes in many forms. The most damaging are alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and involvement with “the wrong crowd.”

Although many of today’s teens are unfortunately overweight and out of shape, martial arts students do not have that problem. Our classes are taught with a purpose and designed to motivate and inspire. Get your son or daughter on the right foot; help them to feel great about themselves and improve their self-confidence, self-discipline and self-respect. We teach lessons that last a lifetime, and no other activity comes close.

Before each class we recite the Student Creed because we want our students to develop and maintain a positive state of mind and possess a high moral and ethical standard.

Student Creed

I will treat everyone with respect.
I will develop self-discipline to bring out the best in myself.
I will focus on developing my mental and physical growth.
I will always behave with dignity and integrity.
I will use my martial arts skills only for self-defense.

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