Children’s Taekwondo

Why parents love our classes

Family values like respect, humility, and honesty are an integral part of our program. Our school is one of the few places outside of the home where these principles are taught. They are the fundamental difference between Kwon’s Martial Arts and any other activity in which your child may participate. We teach lessons that last a lifetime, and no other activity comes close.


  • Teach your child the self-discipline and perseverance necessary to excel in all of their academic and athletic endeavors.
  • Improve your child’s motor skills by constantly increasing their eye, hand, and foot coordination
  • Help your child understand the importance of respect – the more we show, the more we receive
  • Show your child how to focus – concentration is a necessary skill to achieve better grades in school
  • Teach your child the self-defense skills to defend him/herself if absolutely necessary
  • Give your child the social skills to interact with others through a training program that encourages them to be team players

Support Program

The Gold Star Program is designed to encourage students to achieve better grades in school. They are required to bring in their report cards and based on their grades are awarded a gold, silver, or bronze star to proudly wear on their uniform.

The Student Weekly Report is designed to teach the importance of responsibilities and parent appreciation. We teach children that their greatest support in life will always come from their parents and family. These requirements support our focus on academic excellence, as well as contribution to the family and the community. Our instructors work hand-in-hand with parents to ensure a well-balanced and focused development process for each child.

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Kwons in the News

Marlborough martial arts program helps those with disabilities Thrive – MetroWest Daily News, November 21, 2020

Recommended Programs by Age

Tiny Tigers – Ages 3-4

Helps develop listening skills, memory & concentration, balance & coordination and respect. Students learn basic kicks and punches while doing fun activities.

Little Dragons – Ages 5-7

Fast-paced and fun, classes focus on developing basic kicks, punches and sparring techniques of taekwondo plus lifetime skills including attention, sitting still and following directions.

Dragons – Ages 8-11

Classes focus on self-defense techniques, physical conditioning and character development. Students also begin their study of poomse (forms in motion), learn more in-depth sparring techniques and are eligible for our Black Belt Club.

Dragon Black Belt Club – Ages 8-11

This advanced training class is open to students who have proven their dedication to the martial arts and to their self-improvement. Students who are invited into the Black Belt Club will begin training in Hapkido, kickboxing and weapons.

Black Belt Principles:

We teach our students that to become a black belt on the outside you must first become a black belt on the inside. Therefore, we always recite the Student Creed at the beginning of each class. It is imperative that all of our students maintain a positive state of mind and possess a high moral and ethical standard.

Student Creed

I will treat everyone with respect.
I will develop self-discipline to bring out the best in myself.
I will focus on developing my mental and physical growth.
I will always behave with dignity and integrity.
I will use my martial arts skills only for self-defense.

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