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Master Viet Nguyen

Master Viet Nguyen, is the owner & head instructor at Kwon’s Martial Arts Marlborough. He began his martial arts training in 1993 at age 6 under Master Cosmo Bisazza and continued until 2012 when achieving his 5th Dan.

Master Nguyen holds a 5th Degree black belt in Taekwondo, a 4th degree black belt in Hapkido, and 1st degree black belt in Okinawan Weapons. He is a certified Level 2 Coach with USA Taekwondo, a certified USAT Referee and certified instructor under the Korean Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan. Over his 3 years of coaching he has produced over 40 National caliber athletes, 25 National Medalist, 6 National Champions and over 20 state champions.

As a competitor Master Nguyen has won over 10 state championships, 6 New England championships, is a 4 time national champion and competed at 2008 Olympic team trials.

Master Nguyen has a Masters in Business Administration, a Bachelors in Management and Marketing and is a Certified Personal Trainer. He has been teaching children and adults for over 10 years.

Affiliations include World Taekwondo Federation, Korea Moo Duk Kwan, World Hapkido Association, USA Taekwondo and Greater Massachusetts State Taekwondo Association.

About Debra Murphy

Debra has been a fitness enthusiast for many years, having come to Kwon’s Martial Arts in 2005 to try kickboxing. Her first experience hooked her and she has been a regular kickboxer ever since. Buying Kwon’s and being able to work in the fitness industry is a dream she’s had for a long time.

In addition to kickboxing, Debra’s fitness regimen includes power walking and golfing. She is an avid golfer and belongs to Marlborough Country Club, where she served on their board of directors for 12 years. She is also a member of the Mass Golf (formerly Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts).

Debra also owns Masterful Marketing, a marketing coaching firm that focuses on helping small businesses and lifestyle businesses learn how to increase their digital footprint and use it to increase visibility and generate inbound leads.

About Bob Gustafson

Bob Gustafson has been training at Kwon’s Martial Arts since 2005 and achieved black belt status within a couple years. He has always worked out and played sports and initially came to the school to simply achieve overall better health and add more variety to his workout routine. What he got was a lot more than he originally thought. As he progressed with his training, he realized that martial arts were more than just a workout like you would get at an aerobics class. He gained greater self-confidence, lost weight, gained strength and endurance. Bob swears by martial arts training and like many others wishes he did it years ago.

Bob lives in Marlborough with his wife, Karen, and two young children. He is a Certified Financial Planner and owns Triton Financial Group, an independent fee based SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm that helps individuals and business owners achieve success through comprehensive financial planning and proper wealth management.

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