We teach lessons that last a lifetime

Kwon’s Martial Arts is a family friendly martial arts school that focuses on a person’s total well-being. Our programs for children, teens and adults are designed to promote discipline, self-control and respect, instill confidence and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. In addition, martial arts classes require dedication and determination and are a great way to increase strength and your overall fitness.

Why Martial Arts?

Practicing martial arts is about physical fitness, character development and self defense. People often think that martial arts is about fighting but that is not our main goal.

Our goal is self improvement through discipline and conditioning. Our training develops concentration and self-esteem while emphasizing flexibility, coordination and balance. We offer the following classes:

  • Taekwondo emphasizes kicks more than other martial arts which improves balance, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Hapkido is the Korean style of self defense which relies on technique rather than strength. The term hapkido literally translates to “The way of coordination and internal power.”
  • Kickboxing incorporates the kicking and punching moves of taekwondo in order to provide a high intensity workout that strengthens and improves endurance. We also incorporate other conditioning exercises into our kickboxing classes including free weights, jump rope, obstacle courses and tabata high intensity interval training.

Join us at Kwon’s Martial Arts in Marlborough, MA for a complimentary kickboxing, taekwondo or hapkido class and see what our training can do for you and your family. Or try one of our new member specials below and make a commitment to your health and well-being.